January 24, 2021

Getting the news isn’t so easy these days! You need to filter everything you see and hear. Political, environmental, and financial news -- even sports! – has to be viewed through a sophisticated lens. A key to filtering news about the economy and investments is to view everything through the long lens of history.Watch Our Latest Market Video


January 26, 2021

Due to the ravages of a virulent coronavirus, 2020 will be remembered as experiencing the worst pandemic in 100 years. Despite the imminent receipt of at least two vaccines that promise to arrest the spread of Covid-19, its effect upon our social lives as well as on the economies of the world likely will be long-lasting. Read the premier issue of Herold & Lantern Investments "Investment Insights - Q1"


December 20, 2020

The pandemic is causing more deaths and hospitalizations than ever now and is expected to grow still worse in the days ahead. Millions of Americans, for the first time in their lives, are unable to pay their bills and face food insecurity. And, yet, at the same time, amid all the grim news, the broad economy is doing fine! Stocks have been repeatedly setting new record highs. What’s going on? We’re going through a once in a lifetime change in the asset valuation paradigm, a historic shift in the relative value of bonds versus stocks is underway. Continue to our video ...


January 4, 2021

Stocks Gained +16% in 2020; Wall Street Expects +7.6% In 2021. What should you make of this predication? Watch our video to see what long term investors should do.  


January 9, 2021

How accurate are Wall Street's financial strategists on their year end predictions? Check out our video for the answer 


January 11, 2021, Season 3 Episode 2

"Enlightenment" - A Herold & Lantern Investments  Podcast featuring Mr. Keith Lanton, President.

"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going." - Jim Rohn

In this episode, Keith discusses the importance of "habits" and explains how habits are a form of financial capital. He then discusses recent events at the U.S. Capitol and possible implications for the financial markets. Keith reviews stocks making news and other headlines that may impact the financial markets.

Brad Harris joins Keith to give us  an update on the municipal bond market from the eyes of a "bond trader".
We hope you enjoy the show and share it with colleagues and friends.

Press interviews or market commentaries, please contact Keith at 631-454-2000


September 2020
Just as government-mandated lockdowns sent the economy into a tailspin in March and April, he lifting of restrictions and the reopening of businesses propelled activity higher in May and June. In fact, the rebound in jobs, spending and other key indicators has been stronger than expected. But that initial growth spurt is in danger of sputtering out, as the ... READ MORE

"Enlightenment" - A Lantern Financial Podcast featuring Mr. Keith Lanton, President of Lantern in Melville, New York.

In this episode, Keith follows up on last week's podcast on critical habits with a more in depth look at sleep. He references a book he has read entitled "Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams" by Matthew Walker, Phd. Keith then comments on the run-away train like performance of the stock market, stocks in the news, Apple & Tesla's recent stock splits, upcoming economic events, and provides commentary on a recent article in Barron's about the municipal bond market.

Brad Harris, Director of Fixed Income, joins Keith to provide further commentary and insights into the fixed income markets. We hope you enjoy the show and share it with colleagues and friends.

Press interviews or commentaries, please contact Keith at 631-454-2000

August 24, 2020

"Enlightenment" - A Financial Podcast featuring Mr. Keith Lanton, President of Lantern in Melville, New York. 

Every week Keith enlightens his audience with intuitive insights, personal development, and current market commentary. 

In this episode, Keith shares some insights from a May 28, 2019 article by Mark Mehlberg entitled "3 Science-Backed Daily Habits for a Life of Happiness and Success": 1. Sleep 2. Exercise 3. Prepare for your Moments. He then discusses current market themes, market breadth, and stocks in the news. Brad Harris, Director of Fixed Income, joins Keith for comments on the bond market and relative value.

We hope you enjoy the show and share it with colleagues and friends.

July 31, 2020

This morning, new figures on the economy were splashed across the full width of front pages of newspapers across the country. But if you have been following our weekly updates, the unprecedented plunge was not news. READ


July 24, 2020

After the Covid-induced bear market, when the 500 largest stocks lost 34% of their value, share prices recovered swiftly. By late July 2020, America's largest public companies traded at nearly 20 times their previous 12-month reported profits, and suddenly fears grew that a stock bubble was about to burst. READ MORE


June 26, 2020

While consumer sentiment survey data released today confirmed the economy is fighting to come back from the epidemic-induced shutdown, stock prices are continuing to swing wildly. READ MORE


June 12, 2020

After the disastrous -33.5% economic contraction ends in 16 days, the nation's leading economists expect the U.S. to grow 14.2% in the third quarter, according to the consensus forecast of 60 economists published in The Wall Street Journal today. READ MORE


June 6, 2020


The Covid-19 epidemic surprised the world again Friday morning, when the Labor Department announced 2.5 million jobs were created in May... READ MORE


May 19, 2020


Wendy Lanton, Co-Founder and COO of Lantern Investments Inc and its wealth management affiliate, Lantern Wealth Advisors LLC., is interviewed by Melanie Waddell for ThinkAdvisor.com, a web site that provides registered investment advisors and financial advisors with comprehensive coverage of the products, services and trends necessary to guide their clients in making critical wealth, health and life decisions. Ms. Lanton shares her expertise on upcoming regulations: Regulation Best Interest and the customer relationship summary, Form CRS. SEC compliance examinations begin in July. Read insights Ms Lanton shares with ThinkAdvisor.com readers. 


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