Our insurance agency affiliates, Herold Insurance Agency, Inc. and Lantern Insurance Brokerage, Inc., are independent insurance agencies (1)  focused on providing the risk protection necessary for dealing with life’s challenges. We offer consultations in various sectors to businesses and individuals, in life insurance, health, disability, and long-term care solutions, to fit the financial planning needs of our clients. Our experienced staff of insurance agents welcome a discussion with you on your retirement needs and plans, they will help you to develop the appropriate strategies. Call us for an appointment to review your portfolio. 

Life Insurance Analysis:
Most permanent life policies are performanced based and established under a set of assumptions like life expectancy, internal interest rates, tax laws, and more. Our insurance agents can help you review your policies by running an "In-Force Illustration". This detailed review will tell us how your policy is performing today compared to when you first purchased it. Insurance policies were never meant to be locked in a safe and forgotten about. 

For a complimentary life insurance analysis, please submit a Life Insurance Analysis Request and one of our agents will help you. We will also send you a Life Insurance Buyers Guide at no cost to you.


We can help you protect one of your most valuable assets, your earning potential.

Long-Term Care

Making sure your taken care of in your golden years is no easy task today. We represent some of the highest-rated carriers in the long term care insurance (LTC) arena. LTC insurance helps pay for the rising cost of long term care. Long-term care insurance covers care generally not covered by health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid.

Group Health

We can help your business navigate the complex world of group benefits, With ever-changing laws governing this area you need someone you can trust to help you navigate the complex world of group benefits. We offer Health, Dental, Vision, and disability/life products for groups. We are licensed brokers for the NY State of Health Insurance Exchange.


We assist in determining if an annuity is suitable for your future income needs and if so which type will be best for your individual circumstance. Annuities can be complex products, we can also help analyze current annuity contracts to determine your best course of action.

(1) Insurance solutions provided by subsidiaries of Percheron Asset Management Group, Inc.: Herold Insurance Agency Inc. and Lantern Insurance Brokerage, Inc. Annuity products offered through Herold & Lantern Investments, Inc., and our insurance affiliates: Herold Insurance Agency, Inc; and Lantern Insurance Brokerage, Inc.


Company Info

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Our Disclosure

Wealth Advisory solutions provided by subsidiaries of Percheron Asset Management Group, Inc.: Herold Advisors Inc. and Lantern Wealth Advisors, LLC., SEC registered investment advisors. Securities offered through Herold & Lantern Investments Inc., a registered broker dealer, Member FINRA, MSRB, SIPC.

Bernard Herold & Co., Inc.
Rule 606(a)1 Reporting Public Disclosure

Herold & Lantern Investments, Inc. Rule 606


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