Fixed Income Sales & Trading


Our bond expertise reaches
institutional investors 
throughout the United States

Our Fixed Income Sales & Trading Group provides expertise in municipals, taxable fixed income, and structured products along with value-added insights, strategies, and portfolio construction. Our expertise in bonds enables us the ability to offer comprehensive fixed income investment solutions to:

Unlike individual stocks, bonds have many nuances, especially in the tax-free municipal market. Did you know that some municipal bonds that look tax-free on the surface may have hidden taxable attributes? The AMT tax may be an apparent attribute. But are you aware of the possible tax consequences of OID (Original Issue Discount) or are you familiar with the term De Minimis and its tax consequences?  Partnering with a specialized bond firm may help you avoid these pitfalls.

​The bond principals at Herold & Lantern Investments have been providing expertise in the fixed income arena and can help and guide you to source and buy bonds for your clients. Our seasoned bond traders have been trading bonds for over 20 years each. We go beyond just trading or buying a bond - we are available to consult on specific portfolio ideas, portfolio construction, bond exchange strategies, and other timely fixed income solutions that may be appropriate depending on your client's investment objectives. Think of us as your private fixed income trading team.


To learn more about our Fixed Income Sales & Trading group and how we can help your business grow and differentiate itself, please contact Keith Lanton, President, confidentially at tel: 631.454.2000 | LinkedIn: or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.